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Ep42 – My Fertility Backstory

Hello, I'm Katy Bradbury, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked in Women's Health, Maternal and Children's Health for many years.

Today's podcast is titled "My Fertility Backstory" and contains a raw, open, honest account of my fertility journey. It includes some aspects of my experience that I have never publicly spoken about. I hope you may gain solace from hearing my story.

00:00: Introduction and Merry Christmas

03:43: This is the last episode of 2021

04:57: I would have benefitted from the kind of support I provide during my fertility journey

05:31: The feeling of 'Why me?' completely consumed me

06:15: Don't worry, it will happen!

07:53: Trigger Warning, there are ups and downs in my story

08:14: My mum had me later in life at 40, and I was an only child

11:21: My Maternal and Child Health career found me

13:56: I put off having children until I was ready, then I got engaged at Christmas 2012

15:26: Coming off the pill in January 2013, my cycles were all over the place, and I thought it was normal

18:21: I got offered my dream job but nearly didn't take it thinking I would be pregnant

20:37: I struggled emotionally over the two years of trying and not getting a positive test

21:52: Sharing a very private moment with you, my listeners

25:01: My mental health took a nosedive

29:02: My workplace was thankfully supportive

30:21: During my time off work, I started to look at nutrition and my health

32:03: The magic of France

35:11: My heart was telling me I was pregnant, but my head was telling me it was those early period symptoms again

39:31: 6.20 am is not a great time to tell a sleeping husband!

41:31: I was very fortunate

43:43: The first trimester can be a nerve-wracking time

46:12: Everyone's story is unique

47:37: If you would like to, please share your story with me

48:30: Why not reflect on your own story


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