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Postnatal Care

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If transition to motherhood has rocked you in ways you could never have imagined or prepared for, you're not alone.

This is something I have seen time and time again. Even the most wanted babies in the world have the power to completely sideswipe you, and the truth is we just don't have the societal support systems in place that we once did.

My postnatal/early parenthood support is gentle, holistic and forgiving. We will focus on creating gradual shifts towards a more nurtured and nourished self,  whilst investigating any root causes to your concerns by using lab testing to enable us to create a truly personalised plan. 

The early years of motherhood are incredibly intense. Whilst beautifully special in so many ways, they can be riddled with anxiety, with guilt, with exhaustion, with feeling 'touched out', with relationship strains, a diminished sex drive and a loss of identity. 

If you feel like this, it is not your fault. The way we rear children in the modern world is not as it was in the environment from which humans evolved. What used to form 'the village' around new families has now (in many cases) faded away into loneliness, the constant concern that you're not doing enough, 4am Amazon purchases and relying on WhatsApp groups to preserve your sanity and establish something that resembles meaningful connection. 

Please know that if this is where you're at, my postnatal packages are about so much more than just eating broccoli. They're about self preservation, about receiving unconditional positive regard and encouragement at a time when life has only been about giving, about leaning in to healthier habits, and about having a dedicated time just for YOU.  

So if you've had a children in the last few years and are suffering with things often linked with postnatal depletion such as low energy, digestive problems including bloating and IBS, deflated libido, thyroid issues, poor mental or emotional health, sleep problems, skin conditions, unwanted weight gain, aches and pains, lowered immune system, hormone imbalances and gynaecological complaints, then get in touch because I can help.


Depending on the issues, these can be done across four, six, or twelve session packages

Note that inclusivity is a priority for me and I welcome people of all cultures, religions, ethnicities, ages, gender identities, sexualities, body sizes, and across the full spectrum of physical, social and neuro differences. Whilst the language across this site refers to Women's Health, I recognise that not all people with female anatomy identify as women, and that not all people who are women have female anatomy. Please know that I see you and you are welcome here. At present, this is still terminology I feel strongly about, because women continue to be let down, and women's health issues continue to be underplayed and gaslighted by the patriarchal systems within which we live. Until these barriers are broken down and my mission of Radically Revolutionising Women's Health is achieved, I will continue to use this term, though this is of course a work in progress and my language will evolve as I learn.  

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