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I have a small circle of trusted practitioners with whom I work closely, and whose services I highly recommend:



New to 2023, Xena is an women's health and fitness platform providing expert content on all things women's health, from movement to nutrition, from fertility to the menopause. I am super excited to be a contributor to this incredible platform and it is well worth signing up for.

Alex Taylor

"Yogalex Flow” Online fertility yoga instructor.

Maria Howells

"Fitness Fertility” Online fertility foucused personal trainer.

Kelly Bedford

“Fitness Fox London” Personal Training and group classes in person and online. Kelly specialises in women's health with a particular focus on pre and postnatal.


Rebecca Davies

Rebecca is a Northeast London based holistic osteopath and women's health specialist providing both face to face and online appointments

Andrea Yearsley

Andrea is a hypnotherapist and transformational coach who specialises in fertility and women's health. She also runs 'ebble Fertility'. 

Rachael Wilson

Rachael is an online infant sleep consultant who can help you to gently make improvements to your child's sleep using comprehensive assessment and support


Barbara Hanachova

“East London Midwife” Private antenatal, birth and postnatal midwifery services.

Jo Redmond

""Hypnobirthing with Jo" offers comprehensive hypnobirthing courses both in person and online. All participants get to join her hypnomums club (where I am resident nutritionist) and get all the support they could need for navigating birth and beyond. 

Naomi Tolson

"Nurtured Mother" Naomi is a Doula who provides a range of additional services, including placenta encapsulation.

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