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Fertility - The Best Care


See Prices page for more information.


All packages use my signature 3-R process.


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A root cause, personalised approach to fertility could greatly impact your chances.


I specialise in working with people trying to conceive and have trained under the esteemed Sandra Greenbank from the centre of excellence Fertility Nutrition Centre, at which I am a founding member.


As many as 1 in 7 couples struggle with infertility and we know that personalised nutrition and lifestyle therapy can make a huge difference to maximising your chances of a healthy pregnancy.


Whether you are just starting out and wanting to improve your health before trying, or if you have already had a difficult journey with reproductive health conditions, assisted reproductive technologies or miscarriage then I can help you unpick some of the hidden underlying causes that could be holding you back, using comprehensive assessment and where necessary, in-depth functional testing. If you've had children before, I recognise the struggle that many face with secondary infertility, and will work through things with the exact same precision unlike many fertility clinics.

Together, we will come up with a personalised plan to suit you and your lifestyle, including bespoke pharmaceutical grade supplements to help address any imbalances we find. My packages include weekly or fortnightly coaching to ensure that you feel fully supported to implement changes successfully.


When it comes to fertility, the male partner is often forgotten about or dismissed, yet we know that as many as 50% of cases of infertility are linked to the male. For this reason, I prefer work with couples for my fertility packages unless in cases such as people using sperm donors.


My fertility packages tend to be at least 12 weeks because this is the minimum length of time it takes for any dietary and lifestyle changes to be expressed in female eggs and male sperm.

I have a number of options for you if you require fertility support:

My main fertility support comes in the form of in depth 1:1 sessions delivered in my online clinic as described above. You can find more information about pricing here and can book a discovery call to talk through your needs for working together in more detail here

Because fertility is my specialist field, because I have been there myself, and because I believe that nobody should have cost as a barrier to accessing the fertility care, I created 'Fundamentals for Fertility' which is an affordable, six module, instant access programme designed to take you through the most important aspects for how to use nutrition and lifestyle to support both male and female fertility. It's available to purchase here.

If you're seeking a closely knit safe space to get support in weekly group calls including hotseat coaching from me, discuss your concerns without judgement, share your journey with those who truly get it, get instant access to a library of practical tools and resources, and have monthly training sessions from guest experts all for less than a daily cup of coffee, then the Fertility Support Hub membership is for you. This is a monthly paid subscription that you can cancel any time.


For those requiring free support for their fertility struggles, or who want to expand their knowledge, the 'Fertility and the First 1,000 Days' podcast is for you. In addition, you are most welcome to join my free Facebook group which is a supportive space and contains lots of helpful content. Link below.​

Note that inclusivity is a priority for me and I welcome people of all cultures, religions, ethnicities, ages, gender identities, sexualities, body sizes, and across the full spectrum of physical, social and neuro differences. Whilst the language across this site refers to Women's Health, I recognise that not all people with female anatomy identify as women, and that not all people who are women have female anatomy. Please know that I see you and you are welcome here. At present, this is still terminology I feel strongly about, because women continue to be let down, and women's health issues continue to be underplayed and gaslighted by the patriarchal systems within which we live. Until these barriers are broken down and my mission of Radically Revolutionising Women's Health is achieved, I will continue to use this term, though this is of course a work in progress and my language will evolve as I learn.  

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