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Meet Katy


Hi there, I'm Katy, registered nurse and nutritional therapist, and if you've landed here let me take a moment to introduce myself properly.

I've been around the block when it comes to Women's Health and I'm SICK and TIRED of seeing women let down across the lifespan with regards to their reproductive health.

Some of the things I've seen across my varied career in healthcare include:

* Teenagers coming out of school with very little understanding of their menstrual cycles, having hormonal issues and being put on the pill as a blanket approach

* Couples having long battles with infertility and getting caught up in the system with very little effort to really investigate the underlying causes

* Pregnant people feeling completely clueless as to how their nutritional needs change during pregnancy and simply told to follow the 'Eatwell Plate' (FYI, I hate the Eatwell Plate!)

* Mothers feeling like they are fading away under the pressures and strains of early parenthood and adopting a destructive relationship with food and their bodies that can take years to undo

* Women entering the perimenopausal years and beyond with no advice on how impactful nutrition and lifestyle can be, with or without HRT

* Women across the lifespan struggling with irregular or painful periods, migraines, hair loss, thyroid conditions, chronic gut issues, eating disorders, PMS, PMDD, postnatal depression and a whole host of other mood disorders, or who simply KNOW something isn't quite right, but never get the personalised support they really need. 

I feel strongly (sometimes TOO strongly!) that the world would be a better place if women were able to understand their own bodies better, and have access to the personalised support that I've seen over and over again make a HUGE difference to the lives of people like you. 

By way of qualifications, I'm not just another person calling themselves an expert. Here are a few of the credentials I have behind me:

  • MSc in medical anthropology

  • Postgraduate degree in adult nursing

  • Postgraduate degree in specialist community public health nursing (health visiting)

  • 3 year Diploma in nutritional therapy 

  • Diploma in counselling skills and theory

  • 1 year learning programme in fertility nutrition 

  • 18 month learning programme in family nursing including neuro science, behaviour change and advanced communication skills

  • Countless hours of continuing professional development including fertility nutrition and working with eating disorders 

I worked in mental health, gynaecology, health visiting and family nursing before I left the NHS to focus solely on my private practice, though I retain my professional nursing registration.


I am a founding member of the Fertility Nutrition Centre, clinical advisor at Fab Fertile, content provider for women's health platform Xena, and clinical supervisor for nutritional therapy students at University of West London.

In short, I am educated to a high standard, taught to use science to shape my practice, I get women's health, and I have seen it all. Nothing could phase me when it comes to your situation, so please no shame or trepidation if you want to share with me where you're at, and no such thing as TMI!

Most importantly, and probably the thing that matters above ALL else. There will be no finger pointing with me. No dictating, no shaming, and no pussyfooting. Compassion is the very underpinning of who I am, and the backbone of our work together will be the therapeutic bond that we form. 

Having experienced her own struggles with PCOS, fertility, a traumatic birth, and bonding issues, Katy knows just how important support for women is. With an over-burdened NHS, there aren’t always the resources to give each woman the personalised care needed to optimise the foundations for her life journey. 

It was this need for extra help that inspired Katy to combine her career as a nurse with the practice of nutritional therapy. She utilises the best of both worlds, using natural solutions alongside medical knowledge to improve health and reduce the risks that can cause reproductive health issues, infertility, pregnancy complications and a difficult menopause.


Katy lives in East London with her husband, cat, dog, and two beautiful daughters.

Want to work with me?

My Mission


I refuse to sit and watch while generations of women are let down across the lifespan.

It is my mission to radically revolutionise women's health so that women can feel like their bodies are the perfect home from which to live a long, healthy and fulfulling life. 

My Vision


To create a global movement from which women will understand their bodies, can use the power of nutrition and lifestyle to create biological harmony, and experience life and love with unwavering self acceptance (I don't ask for much!!)

My Values


I promise to support my clients through their journey every step of the way with empathy, love and support, by creating bespoke plans that support my clients personally.



I promise to use the natural foundations of health that have served us for as long as we’ve been human (e.g. clean water, clean air, nutritious whole food, movement, sleep, social bonds). I promise to inform my clients about how we were designed to live instead of how we’ve been brainwashed to live in the last few hundred years because of capitalism and the industrial revolution.



Even though I believe in the power of nature, I promise to only use approaches that are scientific and evidence-based. I also promise to keep people up to date with the latest research – my career started as an academic.



I promise to not be polarised either side, I believe in the middle ground where medicine and nature work together.



I promise to never overwhelm my clients with too many changes at once. Taking things step by step and designing a plan that is bespoke to their unique circumstances.

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