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Ep39 – The Secondary Infertility Series Part 2

Hello, I'm Katy Bradbury, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked in Women's Health, Maternal and Children's Health for many years.

Today's podcast is "The Secondary Infertility Series Part 2", a two-part series exploring secondary infertility. Secondary infertility relates to having a successful first pregnancy but struggling to conceive a second time. Today's episode will look at some potential symptoms related to infertility, from the thyroid to hormonal imbalances.

00:00: Introduction to the cold studio

02:10: Where and when do you listen to my podcast?

03:18: Its nearly a whole year since my podcasting journey began

05:56: Secondary infertility is those that have had a baby and struggles to conceive a second-time recap of part 1

09:37: Secondary infertility is as unique as you

10:40: What's stopping you from eating healthily in the first place?

12:49: Episode 9 – 7 Questions I ask my Fertility Clients

13:17: Reproductive Health Checklist free resource & nudge me if you sent it to me, and I did not respond

14:53: Symptoms mentioned in my podcasts can be associated with many conditions, so they are just said to educate and guide you and are not to self-diagnose without the input of a health care professional

16:19: Book a 30-minute Discovery Call at my current price

17:18: Thyroid Imbalance symptoms

18:58: Blood Sugar Imbalance symptoms

20:16: Five-Day Sugar Reset Challenge coming January 2022

21:10 Thyroid and Blood Sugar Imbalances can link together with high blood pressure or high cholesterol

21:37: Hormone Imbalance

22:13: Episode 37 – Why am I getting Spotting before my Period

23:30 Oestrogen Imbalance – Episode 28 - Here's the thing about Low Oestrogen

23:48: Episode 34 – Why checking Hormones is not the First thing I do for Fertility Clients

24:47: Once we get a sense of what's happening, we can begin testing

26:36: What nutrients are the most important for you?

28:47: The transition your body had been through since your last pregnancy is huge

29:45: More often than not, there is not a singular cause of infertility

32:00: Please leave a rating and review. It would mean so much

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More info can be found about Katy on her website: Katy Bradbury | From fertility to the first 1000 days

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