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Ep15 - Three Things you Need to Know about Gut Health when trying to Conceive

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Hello, I’m Katy Bradbury, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked in Women’s Health, Maternal and Children’s Health for many years.

Today’s podcast is all about gut health. My 12-week coaching program kicked off this week and the first module is all about the gut. The gut is integral to our health, and fertility is no expectation. So we are going to look at a few important things to consider when it comes to gut health and fertility.

00:00: Introduction

02:49: Sign up for the next 12-week fundamentals course

04:00: Stomach Acid, it’s there for a reason.

07:33: Working our way down to the small intestines

09:16: Methane gases

13:13: Further down still to the large intestines and intestinal permeability

18:39: Inflammatory foods

22:22: Join my FREE Facebook Group

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