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Ep62 – Is the Fertility and the First 1000 Days Membership Right for You?


Hello, you are listening to Katy Bradbury. Nutritional Therapist and registered nurse. Today’s podcast episode is called ‘Is the Fertility and the First 1000 Days Membership Right for You?


So, hello, hello, good evening. I’m coming to you from the studio at the bottom of the garden, as you will probably know by now if you’re a regular listener. Unfortunately for me, I am also joined by a rather large moth in the studio this evening and, put it this way, I’m not the biggest moth lover. They used to really freak me out, actually. Does anyone else get a bit freaked out by moths? I think it’s the erratic nature of the way they fly, like they’re just a bit all over the place, putting you on edge. They’re a bit unpredictable. Anyway, I think he’s settled down a bit for now. So I’ve got a special guest today, it’s the moth!


So I wanted to come and talk to you today about my fourth coming membership, which is the same title as this podcast ‘Fertility and the First 1000 Days’. I am really, really excited about finally getting this membership up and running. It has been in the pipeline for a very long time. Yeah, I would say even the best part of the year. It’s been something that I had the idea of more or less a year ago. The idea was that the people who first joined my group programme would have something to flow seamlessly into if they wanted to. It didn’t quite happen that way. As a business owner and someone who works part-time and has my own responsibilities, lots of you will know that I was fortunate enough to come out the other side of my own difficult fertility journey and now have two very small children, it’s been a bit of a juggle this last year, as my business has grown and I’ve had the pleasure and the honour of supporting more and more of you. It’s been wonderful, actually and hand on heart, I love helping people like you so much that it was really the best decision I ever took to do this. But the membership has taken me a while to get set up partly because I’ve had lots of things on my plate and juggling lots of things. Partly just because I wanted to get it right, and it takes a lot of work to set up something like this and a lot of figuring out what the best way is going to be to actually make it the best possible service and the most effective one. So I can finally say that I’m about ready to open the doors. I have mentioned this before, I think I mentioned it a while back in December because I was hoping to open the doors earlier on in the year, and for a number of reasons, there was a bit of hold up. But I wanted to talk to you about five reasons why this membership could be ideal for where you are on this journey right now.


So five reasons, so first of all, and I haven’t said exactly in this episode, what the membership actually is going to be? Hopefully, me explaining these five reasons is going to help to shed some light on it. Of course, I’m more than happy to answer any questions. So if you get to the end of this episode, you’re like, okay, cool. Katy, I understand the reasons why this sounds like it could be just the ticket for me, but I’m still not exactly sure what it is or how to do it; then just drop me a message. I will also make sure that the link to sign up is available in the show notes because the plan is to get started this week. The first ten people to sign up for this membership will get it at a reduced price, which I’ll talk about in a moment. And then after that, it will go up to the full price, so there’s a really big incentive there to shift and to try and bag one of those first ten spots, and quite a few of which have not been taken because I haven’t opened the doors yet, but quite a quite a few of which have gotten names put to them, shall we say.


So anyone, reason number one that it could be just the right thing for you is that it is practical. So this membership is really set up to be for the busy person because I know that so many of you are busy. If that is you, thank you for actually taking the time to be a regular listener to this podcast. I really do recognise that and appreciate that you come back each week and listen because I know that it’s time-consuming. From what I’ve heard back from most of you, you get a lot out of it, so I’m really glad about that. But really, it’s an honour to yourself that you do come back and give yourself this time each week to listen to this podcast, so that’s a little side note, so thank you. So it’s for the busy person it’s not filled with reams and reams of information, so it’s a bit different from my 12-week programme. Some of you listening will have done my 12-week programme already, some might have heard of it or considered doing it, and by the way, that 12-week programme I’ve switched up the way I deliver that now and that is actually now available as a stand-alone package as like a do it yourself. So it’s something that you can move through their six taught modules, and you move through it in a do it yourself manner. That is now available for just £149. I wanted to make it really, really accessible. So I do have that for people who want to really sink their teeth in and learn all about those fundamentals for fertility. But the membership, the ‘Fertility in the First 1000 Days’ membership, isn’t like that; it’s different to the 12-week programme in that it is super duper Practical, not full of reams of information. It’s got a few sections, really, really practical. So it’s got a section on nutrition, a section on stress, a section on moving your body, and a section on toxic load and how to reduce your toxic load. And it’s got a section on functional testing for fertility, so all of the info is designed to pack a punch. It’s not lengthy. It’s a mixture of content of videos and stuff like that, some PDFs etc. Still, it’s all focused on taking action to ensure that you are shifting your body into a state of becoming more fertile by the day. Hence, it’s really practical, and it’s all about taking action. There is, of course, a little bit of learning in there, but it’s largely about the action taking.


Now, whilst it is going to be, just a caveat that, whilst it is going to be focusing on getting your body more fertile by the day, what I’m not promoting here, just to be very clear, because if you know me already, you will know that this is not what I’m about. I’m not promoting a quick fix here. Yes, I want it to be action-taking. Yes, I wanted to have as much impact as possible for the least amount of time. However, Every fertility journey is very, very different. And sometimes, there are lots of complex layers and reasons as to why you might be struggling. And that looks different for everyone. So all of the complex layers and the reasons are different for everyone. So whilst it’s designed to pack as much of a punch as possible. I’m still not promising a quick fix. You know, it’s about unravelling, breaking the chain in as many places as possible, and really just working to build up your fertility. What that means is to improve the chances, and everything around fertility is a game of odds. There are so so so so many factors that can increase the odds of you getting and staying pregnant. There are so so many factors that can decrease the odds of you getting and staying pregnant. So what we are doing in this membership is working every single day to increase those odds. But for some people, it will take longer than others. So it is practical action taking, but it’s not a quick fix.


Number two, reason number two, it’s affordable. So one of the biggest blocks that I get and I get a lot of inquiries, talk to a lot of people, and talk to a lot of you. And one of the biggest blocks I get from people is money is the financial side, and I get it because it’s an investment working with me one to one and getting that expertise. And lots of people are doing things like saving up for IVF and having other treatments, etc., that are costly. And so I really wanted to be able to provide something that is really, really great service for people who might not be able to afford one to one support. So it’s affordable. It’s a fraction of the price that it is to work with me one to one. But the brilliance, the joy of it, is that if that is you. You are saving money or having to pay out for IVF or other treatments. This membership will increase the chances of IVF working and decrease the need to even resort to IVF. So it’s low cost, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. So you know, if money has been a barrier to you being able to work with me in the past, then this really could be your chance.


It’s supportive. Number three, it’s supportive. So the big thing about this space that I’m creating is that it’s not just a membership area online. So it’s got the online library, where you get your login, and you can access all the tools or the practical things under those different sections that I mentioned already, the nutrition, the moving your body, the stress, the reducing toxic load and the functional testing. So there’s loads of practical stuff in different mediums and modalities. But the really big thing about this membership is it’s supportive. And what I mean by that is that we meet every single week in a group setting to run through everything, and that is what I’m all about, right? It’s creating a space that is for you, that is open and nurturing and trusting and non-judgmental. And it really is going to be a place for you just to honour your journey, whatever that looks like for you. It’s a place to share the realities, celebrate the wins, and be held through those toughest moments.


Now, feedback from anyone that has worked with me in a group setting before, because my 12-week programme used to be run in a group setting, so the feedback from that has always been overwhelmingly positive from that group model of working and anyone who has worked with me whether one to one or in a group setting, will know that my approach, whether in a one to one, or any setting where I’m holding that space for you in our dedicated space is one of kindness and I always hold love in my heart. And I know that sounds really cheesy, but I really do. I really do just feel so strongly about being able to support you, and that is what this is all about. So yes, it’s about moving in the right direction. Yes, it’s about increasing your fertility. Yes, it’s about improving the chances of IVF success and reducing the need for IVF and having a healthy pregnancy. It’s all of those things. But it’s also about supporting you on what can be such a difficult and lonely journey. And I know because I’ve been there, I know because I’ve got years of supporting people in this position. And without tooting my own horn too much, I know that I’m really bloody good at holding the space for people. It’s something that I’ve spent many years doing in different capacities, and I love doing. So it’s having that space held for you that is supportive.


Reason number four is that it can grow with you. So one thing that I really, really love about the way I work is that many of my clients stay with me, so many of my fertility clients choose to stay with me, I’m talking about one to one clients here, choose to stay with me throughout their pregnancy, and well into the postnatal period, and this is my whole thing, right? Its fertility and the first 1000 days, it’s not just, okay, get you pregnant and leave you there. It’s really appreciating that this journey into and through motherhood is a pretty wild ride from the very start. Going through that fertility journey, right the way through, and then transitioning into parenthood is really a remarkable journey. It’s a journey in which our modern society doesn’t really appreciate or pay as much mind to what it once would have done when we lived in more collective bands of people and had more extended families, etc. And that support just isn’t there for women now. So it can grow with you.


The point of this membership is that it covers the fertility side and then what will happen as people start to move into the next phase of the journey through the pregnancy phase. Is that a different section of the membership that will open out for you. There’ll be a dedicated meetings that are focused around pregnancy. There’ll be dedicated resources focused around pregnancy, and then the same for the postnatal. So anyone that knows me will know that my expertise and experience cover fertility, and the first 1000 days it covers the whole journey. And I’ve got many years in my nursing in my public health nursing, my health visiting backgrounds, of supporting people, right the way through that journey. I just love it; I truly do. This is where my passion lies. So for you, this means ongoing tailored support as you journey through pregnancy and into parenthood.


The fifth reason is that you get discounts. So anyone who comes into this membership, as long as you’re in the membership, will get a 10% discount with any of my one to one services, a 30% discount, so a whole third of the fundamentals for fertility course that I mentioned earlier, which is the 12-week programme. So if you haven’t done that before, you can get that for a third off and then use the weekly membership calls to help support you through that programme if you haven’t covered the fundamentals already. And also things that I have in the pipeline like retreats. This is holding retreats, and having special dedicated weekend breaks set up around this is very much in my pipeline. So there will be exclusive discounts on retreats as well. So lots and lots of discounts. And I know that people who have worked with me in a group capacity before have enjoyed the benefit of getting a discount on Adhoc one-to-one appointments. So again, if you haven’t been able to work with me on a one to one package, then there is the option to sort of dial-up and dial down the intensity at which you might want to work with me. And of course, if you did utilise that and get some extra one-to-one support with me during your time in the membership, I’m able to give you more tailored and personalised advice. I can give supplement advice. We can do testing or whatever you might need to do. So that’s there as an option at a discounted rate should you need it at any time.


So that’s the five different benefits. If you haven’t got the picture already, what this membership looks like is access to an online library of resources that are practical in nature. They cover the five areas of nutrition, movement, stress, reducing toxic load and inflammation and functional testing for fertility. And then alongside that, we have our weekly meetups on zoom in a group setting every week. It is all about group coaching, it’s about implementation, it’s about accountability, and it’s about emotional support. So it’s a really, really special thing that’s about to start. And I know that I’m going to be attracting the most amazing group of people because I always do like I absolutely love my clients and the people I get to work with. So I know that there will be an amazing bunch of people coming into this space. So ultimately, what you’re getting here is comprehensive, holistic and evidence-based support at a fraction of the price of my one to one services.


So the cost, I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet, I have in previous episodes, but just to remind you, at the cost of this membership is, for what you’re getting, it really is an incredible deal. So the first ten people who sign up will be getting access, lifelong access for just £50 a month. So as long as you stay in the membership, that is what you will pay. So if you’re one of those first ten people, even if you stay in the membership through pregnancy, through the postnatal, it doesn’t matter if the rest of the membership goes up in price in the future. You will always have that initial price on it. So the £50 a month will stay in place for you. Anyone who joins after the first ten and gets that discounted rate, it’s not that much more at £67 per month. So as I say, it’s a fraction of the price of working with me one to one, and you really do just get so, so much.


If you’re wondering about timings, the group call at the moment they’re scheduled to take place on a Wednesday at 5 pm every Wednesday, and that’s UK time. Every few weeks, the plan is to get a guest expert in to run some kind of practical session with you. So it won’t be me every single week. It will be me most weeks, and then one of the weeks, it’ll be a guest expert to come and deliver a really, really high-value session with you to support you on this journey. So as the membership expands and grows, I will probably start adding more times in, but for the moment, while it’s still small, it will be on a Wednesday at 5 pm.


So that’s it from me for today. Just in a nutshell, again, to remind you of the five reasons about whether Fertility and the First 1000 Days membership might be right for you, number one is that it is super duper practical. Number two is that it’s affordable. Number three is that it is really supportive and nurturing. Number four is that it can grow with you right the way through your fertility journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. And number five is that you get discounts on my one to one services, on my fundamentals for fertility programme, and on any future retreats that I will be running.


If you’ve got any questions, if you’re thinking, Oh, that sounds like it could really benefit me, but I’m not sure, or you’ve got anything to ask, please just drop me an email drop me a DM. If you follow me on Instagram at Katy Bradbury Health, I love chatting to people on DMS on there. If you’re in my Facebook group, you can always pop a post in there and ask about it. You can drop me an email at, and if you’re hearing this and thinking, oh my goodness, get me in, I need to be one of those first ten people, then I will be putting the sign-up link in the show notes, which you can find at which is my website, /podcast. That’s where all my episodes are and all of my show notes. So www. does anyone even say that anymore? I feel like that’s a proper 1990’s thing to say. Anyway, I’ll say it again. www.katybradbury, and that’s Katy with a Y,, and you’ll find all of the show notes in there. The show notes usually come out on a Tuesday, by the way, so if you go there and the show notes for this episode aren’t quite up yet, then that might be why. But if you can’t find it for whatever reason, just drop me a message or email.


All right, well, I cant wait to see anyone who wants to join in there. And I will speak to you again next week. Take care.

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