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Ep44 – Which prenatal Should I be Taking?

Hello, I’m Katy Bradbury, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked in Women’s Health, Maternal and Children’s Health for many years.

Today’s podcast is titled “Which Prenatals should I be Taking?” Today, I am talking about the differences between four of the hundreds of prenatal multivitamin products available on the market. I will compare prices, ingredients, volumes, forms and additives and discusses some of the pros and cons of each. Please remember to consult a health professional before starting any new supplements.

00:00: Introduction and apologies for the scratchy voice

02:39: My last episode was on dairy and fertility for both males and females

03:01: This week is all about prenatal supplements

04:46: Today’s episode comes with a caveat

07:15: Convinced we had Covid over Christmas, it’s coming from all angles

09:18: Most people trying to conceive would benefit from a prenatal multivitamin

10:41: I am not promoting or bashing any of these supplements – Well, maybe one!

12:09: Ep6 - This is why you need Folate to get Pregnant

14:35: Let’s compare four different prenatal supplements

16:57: Vitamin D

17:10: A important caveat – more is not always better

19:05: One of these prenatal supplements I would never recommend, and I would rather you eat Kale than spend your money on it

22:58: Vitamin C

24:32: Vitamin B12: An essential nutrient for fertility

26:05: Magnesium

26:47: Iron

27:56: There is massive variation between supplements and what is and isn’t included

32:39: Not all prenatal supplements are created equal

33:08: The form of a nutrient, what does that mean?

34:39: The Boots prenatal multivitamin

36:10: Pregacare

37:22: Wild Nutrition

37:49: Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal

39:30: What additives are in these prenatal multivitamins?

43:21: I am not recommending one product over another

45:06: Please reach out and book a one-to-one consultation if you need personalised advice

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Episode 43: The Lowdown on Dairy and Fertility

Episode 6: This is why you Need Folate to get Pregnant


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