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Ep04 – The Surprising Thing Busy Women Should Avoid When Trying to Conceive

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Hello, I’m Katy Bradbury a qualified Nutritional Therapist, private Health Visitor and qualified nurse. I have worked within the field of Women’s Health, Maternal and Children’s Health for many years. Before this, I studied Evolutionary Medicine.

In today’s episode, we look at the surprising things busy women should avoid when trying to conceive. We all know that when people find out you are trying for a baby, you receive a lot of unsolicited and sometimes unhelpful advice, but this piece of advice could lower your stress levels and help you relax.

00:00: Introduction

00:55: Just Relax and it will Happen

03:43: Exercise is the Key Here

04:23: The Alpha Personality

06:38: Fight or Flight

08:47: The Impact of Flight or Flight on conceiving

10:50: Getting our Bodies into Rest and Digest Mode

13:32: Exercise Practitioners I Recommend

14:57: Other Ways to Buffer Stress

15:34: My Free Facebook Group

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